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It would be great if people stopped killing each other. Let's stop doing that.

This song is based around the idea of most people being good, which i know is a little naive, but there can be good in everyone. And i do believe for the most part human kind isn't malicious.

The idea of "sampling" a bunch of speeches made by a bunch of people, in some cases with polarising ideology, is to point out everyone is a mad-dog.


released August 21, 2016
President Barack Obama meets Sir David Attenborough - BBC Earth

The Great Dictator

Life On Earth Began As A Co operation - Dr. Bruce Damer

George W. Bush speaks at Memorial for fallen officers in Dallas, Texas

Different perspectives lead to different realities - Speaker Dan Trommater

Noel Pearson remembers Gough Whitlam

Bernie Sanders responds to Democrats booing him

Donald Trump hammers Clinton's email problems

Billy Crystal delivers funny and touching eulogy for Muhammad Ali





Frohike Melbourne, Australia

Frohike has always experimented with music production. With influences drawn from nature and technology.

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